Surviving the Holocaust

An Educational Presentation for Schools

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American School in London

“I found that that the impact of the experience was breathtaking….the visuals and the description throughout the story made it very clear to picture what was going on”

“The entire presentation was fascinating! Hephzibah’s speech was well written, interesting, and engaging…. We certainly don’t find info like that on google!”

“The use of the artefacts really helped me create mental pictures to help put the story together “

“I really enjoyed how honest and raw the story was”

Aish Hampstead

“An inspirational story and so rare to hear of a whole family that survived after going through what they did. It is wonderful for Zahava’s children to be involved in the storytelling process so that the story can be told accurately for generations to come.”

Barnhill Community High

“Amazing. An insight into the realities of the Holocaust.”

Beal High School

“A very moving account. Puts life into a perspective that students find difficult to attain. The human contact here today has done more than many hours in the classroom”

Birmingham City University

“ It was both informative and emotive and helped me grasp a better picture of what life was actually like”.

“ I found the experience a real privilege, engaging and inspiring; Hephzibah you pitched it at the right level and used a good language tone expressing just enough emotion and reverence to the subject”.

“I admire your mother, and other survivors, for sharing stories and never actually sugar-coating how their experiences really were”.

Channing School

“I couldn’t get over the instances when a life can be changed by the fortune, good or bad, of a single moment. The impression of seeing the bowls from Bergen Belsen will stay with me.”

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to hear this story first hand – no retelling by others will ever have the same effect.”

Fettes College, Edinburgh

“It is always harrowing to hear a story full of such grief, but the sincerity of Lady Kohn’s words added another dimension to her words.”

“Lady Kohn’s recollection of a harrowing time brought a more human side to the numbers, statistics and figures which to pupils studying this dark topic are nothing more than black ink on white paper.”

“The secure morals embedded in this account are sure to be cemented in the minds of all who attended. It should be those same people’s responsibility to pass on this message so that all who perished did not do so in vain”

Forest Academy

“You read about this in history text books, internet resources, books, but to hear a story of a personal account from their own recollection is an amazing opportunity. This feels like it is a part of a moment in history.”

Henrietta Barnett School

“Your story was truly moving and we are extremely grateful for hearing your story first hand.”

Kingsbury High School

“A deep insight into her life and how it was in the concentration camp.”

King Soloman High School

“I was inspired and moved by this story and feel as though I should think and reflect and be grateful for what I have.”

Latymer School

“It was an emotional but hopeful story about courage, determination and love ,and again we thank you for sharing it with us”

St Paul’s School for Boys


“Particularly impressed by amount of first-hand sources – such an asset to see them”.

“Brought the bureaucratic nature of the Holocaust alive through the sources – the obsessive administration of terror”.

“Amazing. An insight into the realities of the Holocaust.” - Barnhill Community High