Surviving the Holocaust

An Educational Presentation for Schools

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Redbridge Interschool Holocaust Seminar

Thank you does not seem adequate to express my feelings about the contribution you make to our annual holocaust event. It is awe inspiring to watch a hall full of young people completely glued to your faces as you share your unique story. The students who attended represent our society in its full diversity and all took home a powerful and vital message from the event, that of the need to learn about and from our history in order not to repeat the mistakes made by others. 

Highgate Wood School

“Your powerful narrative allowed all of us to address not only the specifics of the Holocaust’s cruelty but also the capacity of the human spirit to cling to life. It was deeply moving at so many levels. Truly, Zahava’s testimonials brought the experience to life in an utterly shattering way. That your message touched the young audience was immediately apparent to me, not only from their questions but also from their rapt attention. How fortunate they were to have witnessed it.”


“Thanks so much to you and Zahava for an inspiring talk yesterday. You gave them insights into the Holocaust which are impossible to achieve in classroom teaching; as one of the pupils mentioned to me this morning, putting things on a human scale makes events so much sharper and more horrific. Yet what stayed with them most clearly was the sense of constructive optimism in the face of brutality. They found the documents fascinating

The structure and pace of the talk was really impressive. Your overview gave important context, and your mother’s interjections and insights made the session gripping and varied. ‘Talking around’ the documents is such a good idea. The humane and balanced way in which you both answered questions really struck us, and we were grateful that there was time to explore themes without any rush.”

“On the level of their historical studies, this session was insightful and important – but morally and culturally it could not have been more valuable. Quite genuinely it was an experience none of the pupils will forget: they spent a good portion of this morning’s lesson telling me so.”

King Solomon High School

“Once again my most grateful thanks for inspiring us today. The impact of your visit is evident, when the words on the feedback sheet include ‘uplifting’ and ’humbling’, as well as ‘shocking’ and’ chilling’. For me, you and your stories encapsulate the essence of Jewish sprit, hope and continuity. Today you brought that message to more than 150 young people from different faiths and backgrounds, all of whom hopefully took away important lessons for life. For this we are so very grateful.”

St Paul’s School for Boys

“The feedback has been ever so positive from teachers and students.

I thought your way of encouraging questions was excellent. I thought it was particularly inspiring to hear Lady Zahava speaking about how her family dealt with the aftermath of their experience during war and how they courageously decided not to speak about it on front of the children as they didn’t want them to have that baggage. My sense is that this could be instructive and inspiring. In our culture today which is indulgent about its miseries, we sometimes fail to show ourselves/ our young people the human spirit can rise above the ‘damage’ that people try and inflict upon it. Lady Zahava’s parents obviously managed to do something very special and not let anything tear them apart. That came across so well, seeing your mother and getting a sense of what a profound bond that existed between family members. I think today’s adolescents need to hear that.
Let me add renewed thanks to you both for what truly was – I do not use the word lightly – an inspirational afternoon.”

Anglo European School

“Excellent in every respect. A very personal immersing experience, a chance to ask questions, connect with the Holocaust, make it individual, alive and therefore understand.”

Henrietta Barnett School

“I just want to thank you both so much for the wonderful experience that my students have had the privilege of receiving. It has been truly wonderful to hear Zahava’s amazing story and to meet such an inspirational person.”

Queen’s College, London

“This was such an invaluable addition to our teaching and so worthwhile for the girls. We would certainly be interested in a repeat visit perhaps this time next year if that suits.”

The Royal School

“Thank you so much for coming in yesterday to speak to the girls. It was really moving and perfectly pitched for the audience. Many of the girls at the end of the day came and said to me how much they had learnt and were genuinely interested.”

Kingsbury High School

“They were all so appreciative of your visit – exclaiming how invaluable it was and how much they had learnt.”

Immanuel College

“Your account of your mother’s and grandparents’ lives in the period from the German invasion of Holland until the end of the Second World War was remarkable for the power of the documentation which accompanied it”

University College School, London

“Everyone, and I mean everyone I have spoken to thought that it was fabulous and a couple of boys specifically sought me out this morning to thank us for laying the opportunity on, which is praise indeed. We wouldn’t change a thing. It was a very special and intimate hour and a privilege to be there.”

Beth Shalom Holocaust Centre, Nottingham

“As the teachers left the Centre, they thanked me for the day and one said, ‘I think the talk had a tremendous impact on the students. I have never seen them so quiet and attentive. I am sure it will be something they will never forget.”

Watford Grammar School for Girls

“The interaction between mother and daughter in telling this story not only brought the story alive but also brought home the precious value of telling the story from one generation to the next.”

Forest Academy

“Thank you so much for sharing your unique story. I know our students found it inspiring.”

Beal High School

“Thank you so much for sharing your story; it was truly fascinating and our students really appreciated it and learned a lot.”

North London Collegiate

“Thank you once again for taking the time to visit us at NLCS. I know that the girls found the session both informative and inspirational. I was particularly moved by the resounding message of hope in a tale of human strength and love in the most dire of circumstances. It was also fantastic for the girls to see how resilient and powerful people can be with the support of a close family and friendship group- a great pastoral message as well as a lesson from history.”

Channing School

“It was a real privilege for everyone to hear such a life-affirming and inspiring story. The collection of documents, together with the wonderfully well thought out way you tell the story between the two of you was marvellous.”

Holocaust Memorial Day Event

“We bear witness when we come together and create opportunities to tell and listen. I will never forget Zahava’s calm demeanour and the normalisation of the extraordinary.”

“Thank you both for such an uplifting, extraordinary and inspiring lecture – full of hope, forgiveness and looking ahead – living life without regrets – phenomenal message for all future generations.”

“We felt privileged to hear your mother’s experience, told so beautifully by you. What’s so wonderful to see is how your family have turned such a terrible experience into something so positive, inspirational and educational.”

Canons High School

“Your talk was a real highlight and received brilliantly by the students and staff who were both equally inspired by your amazing story. It was so beautifully delivered with seamless transition between the two of you and really appreciate the efforts you have gone to share and include primary sources of evidence to really bring the history alive.
I found your key messages at the end particularly valuable and significant.”

“Thank you so much for sharing your unique story. I know our students found it inspiring.” - Forest Academy